Decor Hire Catalogue

We are continuously buying new décor items to add to our collection. If what you are looking for is not on this catalogue, please drop us an email and we will confirm if we have it or will source it for you.

Download our Decor Hire Catalogue here for print.

Candles and Candle Holders

Image Item Size
Brown Wooden Lantern Brown Wooden Lantern 55cm tall x 20cm wide
Crystal Candle Holders Crystal Candle Holders Small
Crystal Candle Holders Crystal Candle Holders Large
Roly Poly Glass Votives Roly Poly Glass Votives 5cm
Mini Tumbler Glass Votives 5cm
Large White Lanterns Large White Lanterns 40 x 30cm
White candelabra White candelabra

Vases / Flower Containers

Image Item Size
Martini vase – small 30cm
Crystal Candle Holders Martini vase – tall 50cm
Crystal Candle Holders Large wine glass – tall 40 x 14cm
Large bulb vase 25 x 14cm
Tall Wooden Candle holder Bulb with frill vase 12 x 8cm
Hurricane vase with base 32 x 17cm
36 x 18cm
Large White Lanterns Hurricane vase 35 x 12cm
42 x 14cm
Silver 3-arm Candelabra Trumpet vase 50 x 21cm
Large White Lanterns Square vase 10 x 8cm
16 x 12cm
Rectangle Vase Rectangle Vase 30 x 9cm
Thin bulb vase Thin bulb vase 29 x 14cm
V-shaped vase 40 x 17cm
Cylinder vase Cylinder vase 25 x 8cm
30 x 9cm
40 x 7cm
Bud vase 20 x 4cm
Large Pilsner vase Large Pilsner vase 19 x 12cm
Fishbowl Fishbowl – small 9 x 9cm
Fishbowl – medium 15cm
Fishbowl – large 30 x 18cm
White Ceramic pots White Ceramic pots 15 x 17cm
22 x 19cm
Square wooden box - low Square wooden box – low 30cm
Square wooden box - tall sides Square wooden box – tall sides 12cm
Rectangle wooden box Rectangle wooden box 50cm
Cone Vase Cone Vase 60 x 10cm
40 x 10cm
14.5 x 14.5cm
Fruit bowl vase Fruit bowl vase 23 x 13cm
Silver Flower Stand Silver Flower Stand 60cm tall
Variety of Tin Buckets (cream, black and Silver)
African Round Pots 25cm

Glass Jars

Image Item Size
Brown Wooden Lantern Glass Jar Hexagon 9cm high x 4.5cm wide
Glass Bottles 27cm high x 2cm wide
Consol Glass Jars 14cm x 7.5cm
Large Gherkin Jar with lid 33cm x 7cm
Honey Jar 12cm x 7cm
Preserve Glass Jar 13cm x 5.5cm
Hanging Glass Jars Hanging Glass Jars 10cm tall x 5cm

Silver Items

Image Item Size
Silver Rose Bowl - large Silver Rose Bowl – large 20cm wide x 14cm tall
Silver Rose Bowl - small Silver Rose Bowl – small 9.5cm wide x 14cm tall
Large Silver Ice Buckets

Underplates and Chargers

Image Item
Silver Stainless Charger plate Silver Stainless Charger plate
Gold Plastic Charger plate Gold Plastic Charger plate
Purple placemat Purple placemat
Green placemat Green placemat
Brown placemat Brown placemat
Black placemat Black placemat


White napkin – plain
Black napkin – plain
Light pink napkin – plain
Cream scroll damask napkin
White Chaircovers
Cream Chair covers
Black Chaircovers
Scroll Damask tablecloth – black
Scroll Damask tablecloth – white
Scroll Damask table cloth – white satin
Scroll Damask table cloth – cream
Black satin table runner
Red satin table runner
Pink satin (crushed) table runner
Silver/grey table runner
Silver foil organza table runner
Light grey organza table overlay
Brown spot table cloth
Black apron
Brown spot table runner
Champagne organza overlay
White organza table overlay
White and silver scroll damask table runner

Chair Ties

Brown organza
Chocolate Brown organza chair tie
Pink satin (crushed) chair tie
Burgandy satin (crushed) table overlay
Burgandy organza table runner
Red satin chair tie
Black satin chair tie
Brown spot chair tie
Champagne organza chair tie
Purple organza chair tie
White organza chair tie

Décor Accessories

Image Item Size
Birdcage – grey 40cm
Birdcage - cream Birdcage – cream 40cm
Wicker hearts - white Wicker hearts – white
Wicker hearts - brown Wicker hearts – brown 15cm
White Easel & Frame
Mirror Boxes Mirror Boxes 30cm Square x 7cm high
Mirror Boxes Mirror Boxes 25cm Square
Round Mirror Bases Round Mirror Bases 30cm
Square Mirror Bases Square Mirror Bases 40cm
Silver Napkin Rings
Silver Table Number Holders 24cm tall
White Pedestals
Small Brown Frames Small Brown Frames
Rustic Brown Frames Rustic Brown Frames

Cake Stands

Image Item
White wrought iron stand 3-tier with glass top
Single tier white wrought iron stand with glass top
White cake stand
White Vintage silver cake stand
Roly Poly Glass Votives White Cupcake Stands